Massage feels different for everybody. For some, it is just a physical relief. For some, it’s a spiritual experience. For many, it’s both. We’ve spent the last few blogs getting to know specific muscles in our bodies for a better understanding how the body physically responds to massage and how that benefits you. But, the spiritual experience is a little bit more abstract.

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The stress relieving benefit of massage alone, can create profound changes in the life of the receiver. Relaxing is essential in allowing change in the physical to occur. And, it’s a fantastic way to spend your precious time, after all the time you’ve spent being dutiful. If there isn’t time to relax before, please relax during, and relax after.. Relax like it’s a prescription.

This is for your well-being.

And it feels good.

So come on in and see us. We’d love to prescribe you some relaxation – that is a spiritual experience we can get behind.