In the past few months of creating our Humans of WorkWell Series, I have enjoyed the unexpected pleasure of getting to hear from so many of our clients about what matters to you most. It has been funny, touching and inspiring.

In all these years of saying hello and goodbye to so many of you, getting a chance to sit down and have these short, heartfelt conversations has opened my eyes to the possibilities for human connection that are all around us.

I want to thank, not only those who have participated in Humans of WorkWell, but all of you, who have been part of our tribe at one time or another. I have heard from many people in these interviews their reasons for choosing to come to WorkWell for bodywork. The themes that emerge are trusting us to always have high-quality therapists and feeling invested in supporting a local business that they believe in.

These interviews have opened my eyes and heart to how lucky we are to have the support of so many people who feel such a personal connection to us and our work. I am so grateful for that support and inspired to do everything possible to do my very best for WorkWell and all of our amazing clients.

Thank you for nurturing a small, local business with your time, money and care. I hope and trust that it is coming back to you and that it will continue to do so in greater and greater ways. I am dedicated to doing my very best to be of service to all of the people who make up this wonderful community.