14682129_1165915373447944_30985582947753269_oThe great struggle is to just be. Keeping that in mind when there’s all these pressures all the time: society, money, income, that whole thing is pretty big. Being ok with where I’m at. Just putting it out there to the universe. That’s what I struggle with the most right now, is just, I don’t want to say finances, but like, finances. Just trusting that if I put out abundance and all that, it will come back to me. And just accepting that it will. But being patient is part of that, too, but I kind of struggle with that. #HumansOfWorkwell

About Humans of WorkWell

Humans of WorkWell is our take on the popular “Humans of New York” Facebook spotlight. In Humans of WorkWell we spotlight a WorkWell customer and their current journey, philosophy, mood, or general good advice for life. If you’d like to be featured in our Humans of WorkWell series contact us today.