15304584_1221036734602474_8120412702938210180_oI was an athlete. I did 12 marathons and 8 triathalons, and I was a big swimmer. And I had a some injuries. I had a couple of falls on the bike and in my running. I was also trying to qualify for a specific race, and I was lifting weights when I really think I shouldn’t have been. I had a guy that was a trainer, and I believe that he pushed me too far for a woman being over 35 lifting power weights. I don’t think that’s healthy. I think it breaks down our body and my spine. Now I’m in all this terrible pain. I’ve had a hip replacement and 2 surgeries. I having to have another surgery, and it’s going to be followed by another. It’s kind of like, my life, it feels like I had this incredible, wonderful height, and now I’m paying for it. It feels like I’ve been in a horrible car accident or something and my body has shifted and it’s not in alignment. But my heart is. My heart is in alignment, and I just want to feel better.

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