14691332_1172870739419074_6591497433612443751_oOur family has become really tight and close. But our family is more like a tribe. It includes a lot of people that aren’t blood related to us. And it’s somewhat clear cut. It’s a large group. I’ve got the sangha. And my family. And the song-writing world. And then, also, the performing world. And these all kind of overlap a little bit. Music is that thing that infuses just about everything. The whole thing about music, the distillation of how I perceive it and what I try to impart to people is this perspective that the whole point of music is communication. And communication is community. And another word for that is love. #HumansOfWorkWell

About Humans of WorkWell

Humans of WorkWell is our take on the popular “Humans of New York” Facebook spotlight. In Humans of WorkWell we spotlight a WorkWell customer and their current journey, philosophy, mood, or general good advice for life. If you’d like to be featured in our Humans of WorkWell series contact us today.