Workwell Austin and Clear Springs Yoga have partnered to offer our clients more opportunities to achieve optimal health.

Workwell Austin provides high quality massage by educated therapists who are trained to pay attention to detail and create a treatment plan to help bring the client into alignment and balance.

The  yoga teachers at Clear Springs are well trained and take the same approach in their yoga classes, teaching a detailed style of yoga asana called Iyengar yoga to assist the individual student in achieving alignment and re-educating the bodies postural habits.

Iyengar yoga is challenging and yet gentle. It is appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners, people in optimal health, and those looking to become healthier, stronger and more flexible. The style uses props (pillows, chairs, bolsters, etc.) so that each person can experience the pose using the support, keeping the student safe while their body gains more flexibility, balance and strength.  You can learn more about Iyengar yoga here.

Both massage and Iyengar yoga are beneficial to preventing and aiding in the healing of repetitive stress injury, acute injury, chronic pain, and stress reduction, and the two modalities greatly enhance the effects of the other. Both yoga and massage improve circulation, aid in adrenal gland fatigue, improve breathing, digestion and  sleep. Yoga and massage work together; one uses the help of the therapist and touch to aid, relax and repair, the other teaches the client techniques to do so on their own. With this program our members will receive discounts at Clear Springs yoga studios and be able to start a yoga practice today or deepen an already existing practice by learning the alignment based style of Iyengar yoga.