Private Classes at WorkWell

When you say “I love you” it means “I can offer you true peace and happiness.” In order to be able to offer them, you must already be able to offer them to yourself. -Thich Nhat Hanh

Couples Massage Class

Do you both like to get massage?  Would you like to know how to help each other with life’s little aches and pains or help each other relax after a long day?  Join us for a couples massage class (you don’t have to be a couple) where we will show you easy, basic massage techniques you can use at home.  We will also answer your questions and show you techniques specific to your needs.  The class is a lot of fun and is tailored to mimic the conditions you will be working in at your home.  You will not need to undress since this is a classroom setting, so wear or change into comfortable clothing for the class.  Book online or call (512) 671-0224

$150 per couple

Infant Massage Class

We know how much you love that little angel, and so does he/she.  Come share some special time with your baby at our Infant Massage Class.  A certified instructor of infant massage since 2004, Asenath will lead you through a massage routine you can use at home with your little one to help with their healthy development and to bond in the most direct way they know how, through touch.  The one-hour class is teaches a 10 minute full body massage you can use before bedtime to help your baby learn to relax.

Asenath cradles her son when he was only weeks old