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We offer different options for acupuncture treatment. From the person who has never experienced the benefits of acupuncture to those who could not live without it, we help clients of all types. Find what’s right for you below.

Acupuncture Treatment

We believe that the key to holistic wellness is routine maintenance. We offer ongoing acupuncture treatments for our clients seeking regular treatment in order to achieve the goals we set with them in our initial appointment. We provide a full acupuncture treatment and herbal prescriptions as needed for new or existing clients.

60 minutes

Regular Rate: $80

Member Rate: $60

Acupuncture Case Review

This acupuncture session is only for new clients, and it is a longer session, so please allow for the additional time. We prepare you for the experience by having a detailed discussion about acupuncture, an in-depth medical review, a review of current symptoms and lifestyle habits, and formulation of your treatment plan. this session is for uncovering and identifying root causes of disease for those who are ready to commit to a treatment plan that will address their complete health picture. This service does not include treatment.

90 minutes  $120


Available 10AM to 8PM, Mondays and Thursdays

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