About Our Studio

We are conveniently located close to the heart of downtown Austin, TX on South Lamar in a peaceful and spacious sanctuary that was built in the form of a multi-room home with a detached guest house in the back.

Massage Rooms

We like to make sure that you feel comfortable and welcome in our studio, so we make our four primary treatment rooms as comfortable as possible. During therapy sessions, the lights are all dimmed for your comfort, however in order for you to be able to catch a glimpse we tried to brighten up the space a bit.

Environment & Decor

Though we try our best to not place too much focus on the material things in life, we still like to make sure that the environment we create with our furniture, decorations, and art all culminates to bring more peace and harmony to your life. We want our clients to be able to experience a transcendent sanctuary when they walk through the front door, take a look:


One of our missions at WorkWell is to be able to create a community of like minded people that can help each other on their journey. To this end, we regularly hold concerts, events, workshops, and other activities at the studio in order to foster a greater sense of community among us. Come and join us for an event soon!

Past Events

Concert Series

AirBnB at WorkWell

That’s right! You can now stay at WorkWell all of the time! Find out more details on our WorkWell AirBnB here:

Visit the WorkWell AirBnB Suite

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WorkWell proudly supports The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians and offers member discounts to all HAAM members. Viva Austin Music!

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