We Are Moving! Watch Our Video!

Dear Community,

Please use our tabs and drop down menus to book your appointments and navigate our site normally.

Our current location is being replaced by condos. We know many of you will feel sad about it, as we did upon first learning of it. In our quest for next steps, we found a place to truly embody our energy and vision, including a giant classroom: we will now offer yoga classes, a peaceful, tree-filled outdoor seating area, and plans to add saunas, gardens, a juice truck, and more, so our guests can linger in a refuge created for your relaxation and peace. It’s nearby, on Manchaca Rd., just south of Ben White, and there is plenty of parking and street visibility. We are so excited!

Please enjoy our video, made by our friends at Turtle Dove Films, look over our amazing perks and decide if you can contribute to our peaceful transition and expansion in our new space. Follow the campaign on indiegogo, where we will post pictures and updates. We love you, and we look forward to giving you and the Austin community even more of our unique and valuable local charm, love and great bodywork. Click Below to Learn More!